Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace

There are only few TV interviews with famous author and philosopher Ayn Rand. Apart from her appearance on Donahue in 1980 in Chicago, there is another one: Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace. Although her appearance on this Interview and Talk Show is not as well-known as the aforementioned one it is not less fascinating. Publihshed and aired in 1959, the younger Ayn Rand – although scrutinzed by famous journalist Mike Wallace – defends and explains her unique philosophy Objectivism in her very own and personal way. She talks about a whole range and variety of topics – from the concept of love to her Philosophy Objectivism and contemporary politics, monopolies and Keynesianism. Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace even answers the iconic liberal rebuttal question: “But who would build the roads?!”.

Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace – The Complete Interview

Enjoy the complete Interview here:

Ayn Rand on The Mike Wallace Interview, 1959.

The Interview Topics

Choose from the great variety of topics discussed in the interview according to what you are interested in. Ayn Rand knew how to succinctly sum up a wide range of topics even in a short period of time – not least because of the fact that she always focused on the essentials and the content.

Ayn Rand outlines Objectivism

My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral pupose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his highest absolute

Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand outlines Objectivism.

Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace explaining Objectivist Morality

“Every man must live as an end in himself – and achieve happiness as his highest moral purpose.”

Ayn Rand describes the Objectivist Morality.

Self-Sacrifice versus Self-Esteem

“Neither should you sacrifice yourself for the sake of another human being nor should you ask another human being to sacrifice for you! I hold that men should not be self-sacrificial animals – I uphold self-esteem!”

Ayn Rand explains the difference between Self-Sacrifice and Self-Esteem.

To love everybody means to love no one!

No human being can love everybody. Love is selfish concept. To love everybody means to love no one.

If you “love” everybody alike, you love no one.

The Concept of Love

Listen to Ayn Rand explaining the Objectivist Concept of Love.

Love is a selfish concept.

Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace rejects Liberal Politics in 1959

“You will see ruin and destruction all around you until and unless this Welfare State Concept will be rejected.”

Ayn Rand rejects socialist and liberal politics.

Ayn Rand on Democracy and Majority Rule

“I do not think that the majority has the right to vote a man’s life, a man’s freedom or a man’s property away from him!”

Ayn Rand approves of democratic vote only in the public realm.

Ayn Rand demands the separation of State and Economics

“I am for a complete separation of state and economics – in the same way church and governement were separated once.”

“Separate State and Economics!”

Ayn Rand on Cronyism

“This country was not built by robber barons! But be free and independent industrialists who succeded on sheer ability!”

“This country was not built by robber barons!”

Should you be your brothers’ keeper?

What do you think?

You should not.

“Who are you, Ayn Rand?”

Ayn Rand gives a brief biography of herself, 1959.

Who is Ayn Rand?

Ayn Rand on Monopolies

“In free competition there are no monopolies. All monopolies are caused by government intervention.”

No Monopolies in a free society.

But who would build the roads?

I think you already know this question. It’s asked by liberals whenever they believe that a free market is prone to fail. Watch what Ayn Rand has to say about it.

But who would build the roads?!

Ayn Rand on Mike Wallace rejects Keynesianism

No words needed. Just watch and enjoy!

Ayn Rand rejecting Keynesianism.