Ayn Rand on Donahue

In April 1980, famous author and philosopher Ayn Rand was invited by late night talk host Phil Donahue. In one of the rare televised appearances of her, Ayn Rand on Donahue explains and lays out the foundamental principles and ideas of her unique philosophy of freedom: Objectivism. Watch the Phil Donahue Show and get an impression – even a personal one – of the once-in-a-century, then 75-year-old thinker, see her scrutinized by Donahue, defend her ideas against criticism and answering questions from the audience.

Ayn Rand on Donahue – The Full Show

Ayn Rand on Donahue, Chicago, April 1980.

The Interview by Topics

Ayn Rand on Russia

“I left Russia in complete loathing. For the whole country […]. It’s one of the ugliest and, incidentally, most mystical countries on earth.”

Ayn Rand on Russia.

Ayn Rand on Achievement and Pride

“If you have achieved something honestly, […] then you should be proud of it. It helps other people, actually, to know that you achieved something and that it was worth it and you’re pleased with it – rather than curl around and say ‘poor little me’!”

Ayn Rand on Achievement and Pride

Ayn Rand on Jimmy Carter

In one of the funny moments of the Interview with Phil Donahue, Ayn Rand mocks then President Jimmy Carter for his “dishonest” smile.

Ayn Rand on Jimmy Carter.

Ayn Rand on Aristotle and Plato

“I will tell you in one sentence: Aristotle is a defender, upholder and advocate of reason, and the father of logic. Plato is the opposite.”

Ayn Rand on Aristotle and Plato.

Ayn Rand on Altruism: “Altruists are evil!”

Here’s some meme material for you. “I disapprove [of Altruists]. They are evil!”

“Altruists are evil!”

Ayn Rand on Sacrifice

“If you sacrifice a friend for an enemy, that’s altruism.”

Ayn Rand on Sacrifice.

Ayn Rand on Government

“I want to get rid of almost everything – except police, courts of law and armed forces!”

Ayn Rand on Government

“Read Atlas Shrugged”

Ayn Rand suggests: “Read Atlas Shrugged!”

“Read Atlas Shrugged!”

Ayn Rand on Keeping one’s earnings

“If you made your money honestly in free competition and got people who are willing to pay for your products and services, then you should keep all of it! Why shouldn’t you? You made it!”

“You should keep your earnings!”

Ayn Rand on Foreign Oil and Fossile Fuels

“The oil was there for centuries and they didn’t know what to do with it! We exported our minds and our technology and they are nationalizing it! And then they call on us for help! Even after copying everything they toolk from us they’re not able to run it!”

Ayn Rand on Foreign Oil.

Ayn Rand rebuts attack for being Atheist

Just watch and enjoy!

“I could do the same to you, you know!”

Ayn Rand rejecting Faith and Religion

“Faith is a sign of a psychological weakness!”

Ayn Rand on Faith and Religion.

Ayn Rand on the Universe and Existence

“The Universe has always been here! You cannot know anything about or discuss what was here before anything was here!”

“The Universe has always been here!”

Ayn Rand loves this Earth!

“I love this Earth! I am filled with wonder when I look at Skycrapers – at the men-made!”

“I love this earth!”

Ayn Rand on American Greatness

“Now observe: In this country even the poorest and most handicapped person is better off than a fully capable man almost everywhere in the world.”

America is the greatest country on Earth.

Ayn Rand on Education in a Free Society

“In a free society, predominantly, everything that a gifed child needs is some decent rational education.”

Ayn Rand on Education in a Free Society.

Ayn Rand on Society

“There is no such thing as Society, you know! It’s all of us!”

Ayn Rand on Society.

Ayn Rand’s Philosophy is not a Cult!

Ayn Rand roasts a liberal accusing her of being “a cult”!

“I am not a Cult!”

Ayn Rand deals with a Critic

“If you want to spread your views, in today’s society you have every opportunity! Why come here, take advantage of my show and of the people who came here to see and hear me!”

Ayn Rand roasts a liberal.

Ayn Rand on Tolerance

“Let the whole world disagree with me, if it wants to – that doesn’t mean that in order to be tolerant I will change my ideas! I want to uphold only my ideas. I don’t approve of those who preach the opposite and I don’t think that the right to utter nonsense is the first freedom!”

“Let the whole world disagree with me, if it wants to!”

Ayn Rand – the “Archenemy of physical Force!”

“I am upholding the freedom of the mind and to bringing people to your ideas by persuasion!”

“I am the Archenemy of Physical Force!”

Ayn Rand on Refugees and Asylum

“If somebody threatens this country and his ideas are so evil that he poses a threat in this country, then you have the right properly to refuse him.”

Ayn Rand on Asylum.

Ayn Rand on Self-Defense

“You have the moral right to retaliate with physical force, if you’re attacked!”

Ayn Rand on Self-Defense and the Right to retaliatory force.

Ayn Rand on Iran

“A miserable, little, savage country!”

Ayn Rand’s stance on Iran, 1980!

Ayn Rand on Art and Romanticism

“Art is not metaphysical. It’s man-made! So it should depict men as what he could and should be.”

Ayn Rand on Art.

Ayn Rand on Death and Losing Her Husband

“I lost my top value.”

Ayn Rand on Death.

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