Slava Ukraini!

On 24 February 2022 at 5 AM, Russia launched a hideous and dastard war of aggression, an onslaught against the people and the state of Ukraine in a Hitler-like and fascist manner. Ukraine is an independant country. Ukraine is the Russian’s people’s brother – and neighbor. They are a peaceful nation. They have never attacked anyone. They just want to be left alone. They want to pursue their own happiness in free self-determination – as every people has the god-given right to do.

Ukraine has done nothing to deserve or invite this war of aggression.

Putin is – obiously and for all the world to see – a mentally ill, sick and utterly crazy man.

But make no mistake: Putin, we are watching you. Me. My people. Us. All of us. The entire West and more than that: Everyone who loves and holds dear freedom, peace and security in our world. Our friends in America. Our friends in Great Britain. Our friends in Israel. The entire civilized world is watching closely your every move.

Your days are numbered, because you cannot withhold freedom. You cannot withhold peace. The burning spark of the dream of prosperity and well-being cannot be put out. And it is burning in your country, too.

You have subjugated and oppressed your own people. You are arresting them by the thousands today. Your war is not in the name of the Russian people.

Today, we, as human beings, stand as one and steadfast on the side of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters as we proudly call out: Слава Україні! Slava Ukraini!

Putin! We will hunt you down. We will starve you of funding. We will topple your finances. We will dry out your economic means. We will target and attack your oligarch friends and errand boys. We will drive you from place to place – until there is no refuge and no rest. We will take down your websites. We will come for your family. We will turn your people against you and your regime puppets against one another. We will inflict mistrust and resentment in your ranks. We will make sure that you cannot and will not feel save or trust anymore. We will punish those who provide save haven to you. We will make you drown in oil and gas you won’t be able to sell to us anymore. We will defeat you. Once and for all. The decision has been made.

Freedom will be the victor! And we take pride in the words: