A Song Against Europe – by Stanley J. Sharpless

“A song against Europe” is a poem by Stanley J. Sharpless, barely available on the Internet. It is probably the best and most accurate Brexit poem.

Spoken by Karsten Groeger


“When God laid out our planet,
Millions of years ago,
Britain was joined to Europe,
As fossils clearly show;
Later, upon reflection,
The good Lord thought it best
To separate us, seeing
We’re different from the rest

And so, through countless aeons
He re-arranged the scene
Deliberately inserting
The channel in between
So that God’s Englishmen
Could dwell forever free
Securely set apart
By wog-defying sea

Whom God hath put asunder
Let no man seek to join
Boycott the Channel tunnel
And alien ECU coin
Beware the Euro-dogs –
Dread carriers of rabies –
Ready to rush across
And bite our English babies

United States of Europe?
The whole thing is a con
By faceless functionaries
In Paris, Strasbourg, Bonn
Once-happy Brits are now
Betrayed by zealous fools
We used to rule the waves
But now they’ve waived the rules

We won’t drive on the right
We won’t give up our Queen
Pardon, M’sieu – we’ll stay
The way we’ve always been
Here is a piece of wisdom
For every Eurocrat:
Good fences make good neighbours
Kindly remember that

No hectares and no kilos
We love our English pound
No garlic and no nonsense
We won’t be pushed around
God save us from a Europe
By men of Brussels planned
The bureaucratic nightmare
Of their Cloud-ECU-Land!”