Their Last Mistake

Iranian Attack on Israel

For the first time in history, the rogue Iranian “Mullah” regime launched a direct attack from its own soil on the State of Israel. Moren than 300 missiles, rockets and drones were arbitrarily fired onto Israel by the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC) and Iran’s Proxies in the Middle East (such as the “Huthi” Militia in Yemen, the so called “Hezbollah” in the failed state of Lebanon and other militant Islamic groups in Syria and Iraq) on 14th April 2024. While the attack proved futile due to supreme Israeli defense capabilities and allied support from the U.S., the UK, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, it was intended to kill and destroy. There can be only one response to Iran – one that is long overdue: Wipe out the Mullahs once and for all. And make this their last mistake. A call to arms.

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